10 best study apps for students

Have your grandparents, parents and teachers made remarks about how smartphones could be the most distracting thing you can do?

If we’re being honest with them, then they’re 100% correct. But in the modern world we have (almost) an application for everything, making it more affordable, easier and more enjoyable to be an adult at the turn of the 21st Century.

If you’re in need of help finding the best note taking app for you, keeping concentration during class and even finding discounts to help keep you under budget each month, we’ve got a comprehensive list of apps for your tablet, smartphones, and laptops to assist you in navigating through the student years

Check out our top 10 best student apps for 2022 – and turn your phone into the ultimate study companion.

1. RefME

Best for: Referencing

Are you annoyed with having to reference your papers and other research work? Sign up to the group.

Referencing can be a tedious procedure, especially if are unable to keep track of the publications and other resources you’ve consulted during the course of your research. Fortunately, RefME has created a smart application which makes finding and citing resources much easier, and saves you the time (and endless headaches).

For those who are just beginning their studies this app provides thousands of free educational resources which could be a good place to start reading for your academics and to prompt further studies.follow the link cheap essay writing services At our site This can save you hours of scrolling through Google and trying to locate relevant articles for your studies.

Its main benefit is its ability to automate the process of creating citations and reference lists and bibliographies with ease also giving you ample time to improve your work. How? By scanning the barcodes in every journal and book you’re using , and RefME will automatically create the A-Z citations in mere seconds.

2. Evernote

Best for: Note-taking, task management

Looking for an app that will help you design notes, collect and organize them, while also making sure you’re able to keep track of all your other tasks? Evernote truly is a complete tool and among the top apps for students to use in 2021.

It’s also considered one of the most effective note-taking software for students, as they can be created from images, text, photos websites, online content or even audio videos. Once you’ve finished creating them note-taking notes, they’ll be stored in electronic notebooks which again can be annotated marked with labels, added, searched, attachments linked to them, and exported to use on other devices.

With an intuitive method of managing your tasks, you’ll be simple to assign tasks inside your notes . You can also assign them the due date, due dates, flags, and reminders. So that no one of your academic work slips in the gaps. You can also integrate your Google Calendar to the app to make sure you never miss a class or important appointment!

The app is compatible with all major operating platforms, the default app is completely free with monthly limits on usage and it also has paid plans for those who wish to expand their use of the app.

3. Office Lens

Best for: Note-taking

How many times have you flipped through your notebooks from college or school, only to find that you can’t understand your sloppy handwriting? No more needing to write messy notes in classes with the introduction to Office Lens from Microsoft Windows.

Office Lens has been specifically designed as an app intended for students. It will help assist in making note-taking simpler. It allows you to take pictures of documents, whiteboards journals, blackboards as well as other documents printed, Office Lens converts them into editable, easily shareable text that is able to create doodles on and share with others.

Bad lighting? The app has an auto feature that takes away shadows and glare from your images . Additionally, it allows you to see images shot from a wrong viewpoint.

Available in iOS, Android, and other major operating platforms, Open Lens is widely accessible, user-friendly, and reduces the time spent note-taking.

4. Motion

Best for: Focus time

For university students, the majority of your time studying will be spent using your laptop. In most cases, the time is spent on the internet, surfing academic websites and taking notes. Some students, it’s spent looking around our social media sites.

We’re aware that notifications release dopamine . After all the very nature of their design was backed by an intention to distract you and draw you into their pages. It’s not surprising that the majority of us struggle to finish a study session without having checked our notification tabs at least once.

Motion is a free web browser extension that will block distractions from websites, including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube eliminating the urge to click on them even when you could be better spent elsewhere. The extension is completely customizable, allowing you to block certain pages on set times and days or even specific types of websites, including social media networks or shopping websites.

But what if you want to access a blocked site for research purposes? But don’t worry, the application will grant users 60 seconds in which to quickly locate what you require before eliminating it from your browser again.

To keep you focused In addition, you’ll receive periodic reports that let you know how much time online has been used in either productive or non-productive manner. It’s the ultimate study companion.

5. Oxford English Dictionary

*Best for: Academic reading and writing

Are you fed up with being lugging heavy bookcases around with you always? Get your dictionary on the move with the no-cost mobile versions of Oxford University Press’ Oxford English Dictionary.

In addition to more than 150 years’ research behind it, The Oxford Dictionary of English is regarded as the leading authority in the studying and reference for the English language – and an essential tool for all academics.

The mobile app contains over 350,000 words, phrases and meanings, as well has over 75,000 audio pronunciation of some more difficult-to-pronounce words. You can also expand the vocabulary of your friends by learning new words every day, thanks to the apps’ daily alerts.

Are you unsure of how to spell a word? The app comes with an extremely intuitive voice and a ‘fuzzy’ search feature that allows you to locate words even if you aren’t certain how to write it.

6. Google Drive

Best for: Storage, task management

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage system and one of the top student apps now available. Save and store all of your documents online . access them via any smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Utilizing cloud storage services like Google Drive has plenty of advantages for students, such as taking away the threat of your computer being destroyed and destroying all your work (we all know someone who has had that unfortunate experience).

You can store up to 15GB of files at no cost such as notes, images pdfs, audio as well as video documents. The Drive is able to automatically save as your work is saved, so you don’t have to worry about losing your work after pressing that save button. It’s also easy to be able to share, edit and collaborate on files. This could be useful for group projects or proofreading the work of your peers.

Know you’re going to struggle with WiFi? There’s no problem. You can also choose files to download ‘offline’ so you can download and use them anywhere you go perfect for those who need to work while travelling to and from school.

7. Forest

Most effective for focus time

Do you ever sit down for a productive study session, only to discover that just 10 minutes into the session, you’re already using your phone and scrolling Instagram?

Forestis a time management application, which takes a creative approach to helping you remain focused and leaving your phone at home for brief periods of time. How? Encourage you to plant the seeds of a tree.

When you are ready to begin the process of studying or focusing, you plant a tree inside your “forest” within the app. While you work (leave your phone to itself) the phone will start growing. But as soon as you take your phone out and go to another app and your tree will fall. The more focus you put on it on trees, the more you can collect and add to your forest.

Even better, the company that developed the app even plants real trees around the world based on downloads and app usage. It’s a win for both your study periods and the Earth!

8. Todoist

Best for: Task management

If you’re in search of the top planner apps for students and professionals, one that is compatible with all your devices, tracks your performance, and lets you manage all aspects of your life, you must acquaint yourself with Todoist.

In essence, Todoist is a task management tool that combines tasks project, notes, attachments, and other information, so you can increase your productivity and complete the work you need to do more efficiently without ever letting anything slide off your radar. You can apply strong labels, filters and tags to each of your tasks. The application will then translate into simple workflows to will work in conjunction with your.

It’s intuitive, clean, and super easy to grasp – making it simple to stay on top of your tasks and to understand what you require to prioritise.

Planning group work? That’s not a problem. Users can also manage, collaborate as well as assign work to other members when they post their board or list.

Plus, Todoist is a cloud-based app, where all your tasks and notes sync automatically to any device that you use the app. Even if you choose to use the app offline, for instance when you’re traveling it will sync the next time it’s linked to the Internet.

9. Mathway

Great for: Resolving homework issues

Students who are most likely to be confronted with various Mathematics maths problems in their studies, Mathway is one of the top student apps that focus on not only helping you solve questions, but also understanding how you get to the answer.

All you need to do is type in your issue into the application (or take a photo of the problem) and Mathway will solve it for you. You can also refer to the detailed step-bystep guide for help in learning how to figure out the solution for similar equations in the near future.

This feature can be considered among the best. The explanation section of the app is like having a teacher on your 24/7. They can aid you in explaining the process of any equations you’re struggling to be able to comprehend.


There’s no doubt that there are some clear advantages for being a student in today’s 21st Century, including access to some of the most cutting-edge apps and other technologies that will make your note taking tasks, note taking, and other aspects of your student life much easier.

From the best note taking apps for students for helping you concentrate and even save money, we’ve highlighted our top choices for students in 2021. Begin searching, download, and set out to get the most value from your smartphone.

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