Driving forward with CAR-T therapy: what does this mean for MM?

what does mm mean

Finally, the question that everyone would like answered is whether CAR T-cells will prove to be a cure. With clinical trials still in such early phases, it is certainly still too early to answer, as clinical researchers have yet to assess whether these cells have the capacity for long-term persistence and will retain full activity. Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell (CAR T-cell) bookkeeping for startups therapy is the ultimate in precision medicine, as it harvests a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer. Such adoptive cell transfer (ACT) therapies are a promising treatment strategy for a range of hematological malignancies. Early trials with CAR-Ts treating leukemia and lymphoma patients have produced durable responses and significant overall survival (OS) times.

  • Unfortunately, the “International System of Units”, or “SI” has nothing to do with this thread and doesn’t apply to my post—nor will anyone find an answer to the original question therein.
  • The first study to assess anti-BCMA-targeted CAR T-cells in MM was published in Blood.
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  • First generation CARs used only CD3zeta to activate T-cell responses, but second generation CARs now include a second co-stimulatory molecule such as CD28, 4-1BB, OX40, or ICOS.

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How effective are CAR T-cells in these early trials?

A specialist doctor called a pathologist uses the special ruler with a microscope when looking at your tissue sample in the laboratory. Breslow thickness is the measurement of the depth of the melanoma from the surface of your skin down through to the deepest point of the tumour. Breslow thickness is the main measurement your doctor uses to give information about your outlook. They use the Breslow thickness in another staging system for melanoma called the TNM staging system. You can calculate the number of Watts by multiplying the Voltage times the Current.

Does MM mean yes?

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The results from a phase I dose escalation and expansion trial (CRB-401), investigating bb2121, a proposed novel CAR T-cell therapy, in… This article is an editorial contribution, without industry input and based on the published evidence and a survey of clinical trials as of 15 October 2017 and was updated again in October 2018. The article has been peer-reviewed internally by Anne Villeneuve and Karl Kemp-O’Brien, and externally by Hermann Einsele. Candidate Antigens explored as the target molecule for MM-specific CAR T-cell development. During the last 15 years, CAR-T constructs have been optimized and the addition of a co-stimulatory region led to a huge improvement in cytolytic capacity, due to enhanced activation and improved cytokine production.

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A further follow-up reported in July 2017 revealed a 100% response rate, with 14/19 (74%) achieving a stringent complete response. This particular trial now plans to recruit 100 more patients at four different hospitals in China. At the same time, the data from Bluebird bio and Celgene was also released, revealing a 100% overall response rate, and 73% of patients achieving a very good partial response (VGPR). Please note that this table was populated with available resources for registered open clinical trials to treat MM.

what does mm mean

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